A Little Bit About Me…

I am in my twenties and have been gradually gaining weight and losing fitness for the last four years (since moving in with my partner and possibly becoming slightly too comfortable). I have decided to do something about it and am embarking on a lifestyle change comprising the 5:2 diet, committing to the gym and starting this blog!

I have tried the 5:2/Intermittent Fasting diet a few times in the past and have had mixed results. However, I have decided to try it again now after reading Dr Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer’s book “The Fast Diet”. I found it extremely interesting and the science they use in the book is so compelling that I feel like I’m not only making a positive change to my external appearance, but to my body as a whole and this is really important to me. I believe that the combination of this and some strong determination should help me get the results I want.

I am already a member of my local gym but have only been going on and off for the last 6-8 months so I am going to try to stick to at least three workouts a week – whether that be gym based or out in the open (weather permitting…!). I am also going to try to incorporate some HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) into my sessions as this has been proven to aid fat loss. This, alongside some weight training, should help me on my way to becoming less lumpy and more lean!

I will try to post regular updates on how I’m doing, including all my measurements along the way (and some slightly scary photos), and any information I think is interesting – such as recipes, workouts or other useful tips.

& so, the journey begins….! x


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