Day 4

Weight – 11st 9lb

I have lost 2lb in three days!!! To say I was pleased this morning when I stepped on the scales is an understatement. It means that all my hard work over my two fasting days has paid off and I’m heading in the right direction.

I think I would have really struggled to find the motivation to carry on if I hadn’t lost even 1lb because, although I am doing the 5:2 diet for other health reasons, my main goal is to lose weight and become leaner. It really makes it worthwhile when the scales don’t creep up quite as much as normal.

I have decided to weigh myself on the morning after my second fast day each week as I believe this will be the most accurate way to keep track of any weight that is lost and kept off. My fast days may change from week to week due to other commitments but I will definitely continue to do them.

I didn’t find yesterday as difficult as my first fasting day. I was hungry but I seemed to feel a lot better in myself and had more concentration in work than on the first day. I am hoping this is a good sign for the way things are going to progress. In “The Fast Diet”, they do say that a lot of people struggle with the first few fast days but they do get easier and many people actually feel more energised having fasted so I’m excited to reach that stage!

The only thing I am disappointed about this week is the fact that I haven’t done any exercise. My partner wasn’t feeling up to the gym this evening and I had also pulled a muscle in my leg somehow so we decided not to go. Exercise is something I have always struggled to get into my routine but I know once I have been to the gym a few times, I will be hooked again – it’s just getting those first few workouts out of the way which is proving difficult. However, I’m excited by how much weight I might lose if and when I am able to incorporate exercise as well as fasting. x


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